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Have Crooked Teeth? They May Cause These Problems!


We don’t recommend receiving orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth merely based on the appearance of a misaligned smile. Crooked teeth are actually responsible for a number of problems that can be quite costly and painful to fix if you don’t catch them early on! Here are just a few problems you can expect:

Gum Disease

When your teeth are crooked, it can be really hard to clean the entire surface of your mouth properly. This means there is a lot of bacteria left untouched that accumulates over time. Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque left on the surface of your teeth that eventually leads to the growth of tartar under the gums. So, the inability for you to clean your teeth properly can easily lead to gum disease. Even with a professional clean by one of our dentists to reach all surfaces of your teeth, there can be buildups between scale and clean appointments.

Tooth Decay

Another common side-effect to expect is tooth decay. Crooked teeth are often too tightly placed for even floss to get between them. This once again leads to the buildup of bacteria. If food gets stuck between your teeth and there is a significant build up of plaque, you’re most likely to end up with tooth decay. This is why we recommend regular checkups at Port Melbourne Dental: so we can catch any signs of decay as early as possible!

TMJ Disorder

If you have crooked teeth, this also means that your bite is misaligned, putting more pressure on the muscles surrounding your TMJ. TMJ disorder can give way to severe pain and inflammation of the jaw joint. You can expect problems with opening your mouth and chewing and at its worst, it can even give way to headaches. If you suffer from this disorder, our dentists can easily layout a treatment plan for you.

Concerned about your crooked teeth? Call PMD today and we’ll take a look at them!