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Gum Disease While Pregnant?


Every woman responds differently to pregnancy. But in the midst of this massive hormonal shift, even your oral health can get affected in the process. Some women may have also noticed they bleed from their gums more easily. Make sure to pay attention to your oral health as it can definitely contribute to your well-being while pregnant, or even your ability to conceive!

The efficiency of your immune system

Did you know there are studies that link your oral health to your reproductive health? According to research, active gum disease can make it more difficult to conceive. This is because periodontitis gives way to inflammation throughout your body, and your immune system is focused on fighting this infection. By eliminating gum disease, you allow your immune system to function more efficiently and protect your overall health.

Increased risk of preterm labour & low-birth weight

Research also shows that women with gum disease have a high rate of going into labour earlier than they’re supposed to. Oral biofilm (bacteria buildup) can also spread from your mouth to your baby through blood vessels. This, combined with an already high rate of preterm labour, gives your baby a higher chance of low birth weight. So make sure you don’t skip on those regular dental checkups.

Bleeding gums aren’t normal

In early stages, gum disease can be reversed with a good oral hygiene routine. But, if your gums continue to bleed or are swollen, this is certainly not normal and we recommend scheduling a consultation with our Port Melbourne Dentists. We’ll help make sure you have a healthy smile and oral health that’s not holding you back from a successful pregnancy.

For more information on dental care during pregnancy, just give our dental professionals a call today!