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Gum Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Woman flossing teeth

Did you know that periodontal (gum) disease causes more adult tooth loss than cavities do? Our Port Melbourne dentists are committed to helping you and your family reduce the risk of gum disease and save your smile through therapeutic and preventative techniques.

Signs to Look For

The following symptoms are all classic signs of an active periodontal infection.

  • Gums that are swollen and tender
  • Bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth
  • Receding gumlines (“long teeth”)
  • Tooth sensitivity or mobility
  • Soreness when you chew
  • Bad breath
  • Problems with food getting stuck between teeth
  • Visible tartar buildup and staining across the teeth
  • A family history of periodontitis

Although occasional bleeding is only a reflection of mild gingivitis, chronic infections cannot be treated without a professional’s assistance. This is due to the calcified bacteria lodged deep under the gumlines; removing them with a toothbrush or floss is physically impossible. Yet, the infection can’t improve until this buildup is cleaned away.


During your exam, our Port Melbourne dentist will measure the level of attachment between your teeth, gums, and bone. Loss of structure around the teeth can create pockets and weak support, leading to tooth mobility and loss.


Treating Gum Infections

Gum disease calls for a lengthier, therapeutic scale and clean than a traditional preventative appointment. These deep cleanings focus on removing calcified tartar from below the gumlines, so that infection decreases, and the tissues can potentially reattach to the tooth.

We’ll also show you different ways to clean and maintain infected areas, and see you more frequently until symptoms are controlled.

If you’ve noticed that extra brushing and flossing isn’t helping, then it’s time to see PMD Dental Care. Improving your oral health can have a great impact on your total level of wellness. Your body deserves it!