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Fillings or Crowns: Which is the Best Choice?


Are you dealing with a tooth that is broken, worn down or has a cavity? You might be wondering which dental treatment would work best for your situation. You can either opt for a traditional filling or for something more comprehensively restorative like a dental crown! At PMD, we easily offer both options but which one you need will depend on the following factors:

Severity of Damage

In either case of a cavity or a cracked, worn down tooth, the severity of the damage plays a big role in deciding whether you need a filling or crown. Crowns are used to cover the entire tooth whereas fillings only patch over smaller areas of decay so they would be more suitable for a moderate extent of damage.

Amount of Healthy Enamel

If your tooth has very little healthy enamel left, it would be pointless to put a filling as it would eventually break apart once you put pressure on it (i.e. by biting or chewing). A crown, on the other hand, is more structurally sound and therefore, less likely to give out despite daily usage.

Root Canal

If you’ve had a root canal, this can leave your tooth far more vulnerable to chipping and wear. Fillings can be used in certain situations but standard protocol is to place a crown over the tooth!

Changing an old filling

When changing out an old filling, the dentists at PMD have to pay diligent care to prepping the tooth around it. Changing an older amalgam filling usually involves a lot of structural loss in which filling it would make the tooth vulnerable to breakage when biting or chewing.

 Get more information from our team at Port Melbourne Dental! We’re more than ready to help you make your decision and guide you on the best choice for your smile!