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Experiencing Toothaches? Here’s Why!


Severe toothaches can give way to excruciating amounts of pain if you don’t opt for professional help. The causes behind your toothaches, however, can vary depending on the severity of your issue and the symptoms you’re displaying. Here are some of the most common reasons you’d experience a toothache:

Receding gums

Gum recession tends to expose the roots of your tooth. The roots don’t have a protective layer such as the enamel covering them, so they’re much more sensitive to external elements. Any change in temperature or even a substance touching an exposed root is enough to cause immense pain.


Do you clench and grind your teeth habitually? Not only does this damage and wear down your teeth but it can put a lot of strain on your jaw and on all the ligaments holding your teeth in place. This means you’re bound to experience a lot of tension and pain from your jaw and teeth.

Tooth decay

If you have a cavity due to tooth decay, you might not necessarily find out until the issue worsens. Generally, you’ll experience discomfort when eating or drinking things that are sweet. We can quickly rule this out through a simple checkup.


If you see a visible abscess or boil on your gum, this means that a cavity or crack has extended down to the nerves of your tooth, causing the tissues inside to swell. The inflammation that drains out of the root gives way to the abscess. Some abscessed teeth can be rather painful.

Swelling inside nasal sinuses

The swelling inside your nasal sinuses can put  a lot of strain on the roots of your upper teeth.  This can give way to a toothache over time.

If your toothache isn’t improving and you’re feeling more discomfort, contact our expert dentists at Port Melbourne Dental for an appointment!