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Do I Have a Cavity?


Tooth decay is one of the most common reasons to search out a dentist in your area. If you haven’t been seeing a dental provider in a while, a cavity could change that. At PMD Dental Care, we frequently receive appointment requests because of toothaches and symptoms of decay.

Common signs of Tooth Decay

Although there’s no way to know whether you have a small cavity without seeing a dentist, here are some common signs to be on the lookout for:

Sensitivity to Sweets

Sweet sensitivity is a tell-tale sign of tooth decay. If your teeth hurt when you’re drinking something sweet or eating dessert — and you can feel it in a specific part of your mouth — then it could be a red flag. 

Rough Edges

Run your tongue across your teeth. Your tongue is sensitive and picks up on the tiniest of changes. Do you notice a rough area that feels different than the same spot on the opposite side of your mouth? If so, let our Port Melbourne dentists know. 


Cavities can turn your tooth enamel different colours, such as brown or black. While discoloration isn’t always present when there’s a cavity, it’s not normal for your teeth to turn another shade.


Food Getting Caught

A physical hole between or inside of your teeth will usually catch food while you’re eating. Is there a particular part of your mouth where you need floss or a toothpick after each meal? Have it examined for gum disease and tooth decay to catch the infection as early as possible. 

Pain When Biting Down

Sometimes a cavity can make it painful to eat. If you’re chewing on one side of your mouth because of discomfort, it’s time to see our Port Melbourne Dentists. 

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