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Common Side-Effects of Teeth Grinding

patient-with-teeth grinding

Teeth grinding, also referred to as Bruxism, is a condition many people are prone to. Usually brought on by stress, this can be a daytime habit or can even occur while you sleep.

Teeth grinding has many harmful effects on your dental health. Learn about the signs so you can intercept Bruxism early hand!

Worn Teeth

The most common sign of Bruxism is flat, worn down or sharp teeth. If they seem shorter than they once were, this might be an indication that you’re clenching your teeth regularly without even knowing! Over time, the nerve of your tooth can become exposed, which can be quite painful.

Sensitive Teeth

As you continue to grind your teeth, you’re more likely to experience cold sensitivity. This is because the outermost protective layer (also known as enamel) gradually wears out, as we mentioned above. Once this surface is gone, the inner layer will be exposed. This layer is not meant to withstand different temperatures, leading to increased sensitivity.

Headaches & Facial Pain

Headaches in the morning are quite common for people who grind their teeth at night. Facial aches such as jaw pain and earaches, are also common side-effects of teeth grinding. The jaw joint (beside the ear), can be painful to touch as well.

At Port Melbourne Dental we offer you a simple yet highly effective solution for this. Get custom-fitted, high quality bite splints or nightguards, designed to curb the effect of teeth grinding and clenching. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment before this habit causes irreversible harm!