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What are the Different Types of Teeth?


As humans, we have two different sets of teeth during our lifetime – our baby teeth (primary/temporary teeth) and adult teeth (secondary/permanent teeth).  Primary teeth emerge when a baby is about 6 months old, in a process called teething. They are most likely to have all 20 of their baby teeth by the time they turn 3, and these teeth can be classified into incisors, canines and molars. They play an important role in speech development, chewing and saving space for adult teeth. It is recommended to take your child for their first dental visit as soon as the first … Continue reading

Which Teeth Straightening Method is the Best?


Braces have been the go-to solution for teeth straightening for many years and were often almost synonymous with the awkward teenage years. In fact, it was believed that braces were only for teenagers, a misconception that has since been cleared.  With advancements in dentistry, there have been remarkable developments in teeth straightening solutions in recent years. Gone are the days of wearing conspicuous metal braces and wires on your teeth to get that straighter smile. You can now transform your smile with discreet and virtually invisible solutions such as clear aligners and Invisalign.  With a range of options, from metal … Continue reading

How Do I Stop My Gums From Receding?

How Do I Stop My Gums From Receding? Have you noticed your gums pulling back from your teeth? As a result, your teeth may look bigger, and you may experience tooth sensitivity. Moreover, it can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile.  This condition, referred to as gum recession, is a common oral health problem many Australians face. Left untreated, gum recession can cause serious oral and overall health complications. This is why seeking immediate dental care is important if you notice receding gums.  What Are the Causes of Gum Recession? Your gums can recede for various reasons, including:  Brushing … Continue reading

Why Does My Dental Implant Feel Loose?


When you first got your dental implants, you were probably told this would be a permanent restoration, designed to last a lifetime. So, why has it started to feel loose? Your first step should definitely be to call Port Melbourne Dental for an evaluation, but here are some possible reasons why this may have occurred: Loose abutment The abutment is an attachment secured and screwed into the top of your implant. The abutment sticks out of the gum, allowing a dental crown to be easily fixed on top. It’s not uncommon for the abutment to loosen away from the implant, … Continue reading

How to Prepare for Dental Implants

Senior citizen listening to dentist on how to prepare for implants

Are you considering dental implants as a solution for missing or damaged teeth?  If so, dental implants are an excellent option to consider. Not only do they look and feel like natural teeth, but they’re also durable and long-lasting. However, before you can enjoy the benefits of dental implants, there are some steps you need to take to prepare. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of the key things you need to do to prepare for your dental implant procedure. 1. Get a dental examination The first step in preparing for dental implants is to consult with our … Continue reading