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Benefits of All on Four Implants


What would you say if you found out it was possible to replace all of your missing teeth with just a few dental implants? “All on 4” is a revolutionary and life-changing dental treatment where our Port Melbourne dentists anchor a full arch hybrid prosthesis on top of as few as four implants in your upper or lower arch.

Since today’s implants are so strong and predictable, they’re capable of successfully supporting the weight of multiple teeth. An All on Four prosthesis eliminates the need to wear a removable denture, because a more streamlined restoration is used.

All on Four hybrid “dentures” are more like a streamlined, U-shaped extended dental bridge. It’s strategically mounted on top of the four implants in your arch, following the natural contour of your smile. There’s no need for a bulky plate to rest across the roof of your mouth.

With an All on 4, our Port Melbourne dental implant patients can enjoy:

  • Improved sense of taste
  • Freedom to eat all the foods they love
  • An appliance that’s easier to talk with
  • No removable prosthetics to take out at night
  • Support of their natural facial profile
  • Custom designed smiles

To find out if you qualify for an All on 4 treatment, you’ll want to schedule a consultation at PMD Dental Care to have your oral anatomy evaluated. It’s important to have enough bone to support your implants and make the procedure successful.

Investing in implants and treatments like All on Four gives you a longer lasting tooth replacement option. As long as your gums and bone stay healthy, you can typically expect the implants to last for the rest of your life.

Call PMD Dental Care today to request your implant exam and learn more about our flexible financing opportunities.