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Autologous Somatic Cell Jaw Repair

Jaw damage, bone fractures, and extensive osseous loss because of periodontal disease (or missing teeth) can affect everything from your oral function and speech to your facial profile and tooth retention.

With a process called “autologous somatic cell” treatment, we use innovative research to harness the healing properties of natural cell tissue to aid in the regeneration of bone.

Autologous somatic cells use your body’s own blood cells, platelets, and growth factors to help regenerate bone structure so that there’s a steady foundation available to anchor new dental implants into your mouth.

When key proteins are incorporated into specific areas for the body, it aids in healing and recovery of injury in that area. Or in this case, bone regeneration.

Since implants are installed in sites where a tooth is usually extracted because of infection (such as dental decay or a periodontal abscess) it’s crucial to establish a healthy environment inside of the bone before a long-term restoration is inserted into the jaw. That’s exactly what autologous somatic cells are used for.

If you’ve been told that dental implants aren’t an option because of extensive bone loss, you owe it to yourself to discuss bone regeneration with our Port Melbourne dental implant providers.

We can also use autologous somatic cell technology to help “heal” teeth from the inside. When they’re inserted, it triggers organized blood cell and vessel population, including areas inside of the roots of teeth. As a result, the tooth creates a stronger structure in the dentin (the portion of the anatomy that’s between the tooth nerve and the outer enamel layer.)

Although autologous somatic cell treatments are an advanced procedure, they’re founded on natural processes that facilitate a healthier smile.

For more information on advanced dental care using a holistic approach, visit PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne.