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3 Signs Of An Impacted Wisdom Tooth


Your wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, tend to fully develop by the time you reach the age of 30. It most commonly occurs during the teen years. The problem with these third molars is that most people usually lack the space needed in their mouth for them to develop all the way. As a result, they can become fully or partially impacted. Here are some signs of an impacted wisdom tooth to watch out for:


The most noticeable symptom will of course be pain. As your tooth erupts, it will push into the tissues next to it and this will feel similar to the teething discomfort an infant experiences when their teeth first come in. The pain usually comes and goes, and may feel like a dull ache or pressure inside your jaw.


Redness around the gums and swelling inside your mouth is the main sign that your wisdom teeth are trying to erupt. Occasionally, you may even notice cysts developing around these molars, which can become infected and eventually lead to inflammation.

Crowded Teeth

Since impacted teeth are slanted at an angle, they press against their neighbouring teeth. This extra pressure causes the other teeth to be displaced. Over time, you’ll notice crowding and evident tooth movement across your mouth, more so towards the front of your smile. If you’ve worn braces in the past, impacted wisdom teeth may cause a relapse.

Suffering from pain at the back of your mouth and suspect it may be your wisdom tooth? A quick x-ray will confirm this! Call Port Melbourne Dental today to schedule your checkup.