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3 Reasons You’re Experiencing Cold Sensitivity


Sensitivity to cold foods and beverages is quite a common issue in oral health. While sometimes this condition is fleeting and easily fixable, there are times that your cold sensitivity is an indication of a more serious issue that needs professional help. When you come for your checkup at Port Melbourne Dental, we can help you identify the cause of your cold sensitivity and how to best fix it! Here are 3 common reasons as to why you may be experiencing cold sensitivity:

Gum Recession

Your roots are highly sensitive since they aren’t covered by a protective enamel like the rest of your teeth. This is why they aren’t meant to come into contact with external stimuli.  When your gums recede, this leaves your roots exposed and the unprotected layer underneath is particularly sensitive to cold. Gum recession can be caused by gum disease or even by brushing your teeth too hard.


Cavities tend to eat away at our teeth and break them down, exposing the inner, more sensitive layer as we mentioned above. In order to prevent cavities from forming you need to practice good oral hygiene habits and come in for regular checkups at Port Melbourne Dental. A professional cleaning will help catch any cavities early on.

Cracked Teeth

If your tooth is fractured, cold is capable of seeping down and causing sensitivity and discomfort. You can crack your teeth by grinding/clenching your teeth. This is why a mouthpiece is recommended to protect your teeth at night.

If you’ve been experiencing increased sensitivity to cold elements, schedule an appointment with our clinic so we can determine the cause and give you the best solution!