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3 Benefits to Getting Dental Implants

Woman with dental implant

At PMD Dental Care, we know that modern dental implants are the best way for our patients to replace their missing teeth. But do you have all of the information that you need to make a decision about the future of your smile? Here are three reasons why Port Melbourne implants are the superior dental restoration option.


Implants Last a Lifetime

In most cases, a well-cared for dental implant will last for the life of the patient. Implant failure rates are very low, making them a wise investment and cost effective compared to other types of teeth replacement options in Port Melbourne.

The key is to care for your implants like natural teeth. Brush and floss them regularly to prevent peri-implantitis (the implant version of gum disease) and see our dentist for regular check ups.


 Replace as Few or Many Teeth as Necessary

 Implants are extremely strong and can bear more weight than healthy teeth. As such, we can use them in pairs to support fixed bridges, or stabilize dentures. All-on-4 denture designs use only four implants to replace all of the upper or lower teeth at one time.

Don’t assume that you will need a dental implant and crown for each individual missing tooth. PMD Dental Care will work with you to create an efficient and cost-effective treatment plan.


 They’re Designed to Mimic Natural Teeth

 The shape and size of an implant is modelled after natural tooth roots. These “artificial roots” are placed into the jaw and supported by the bone, as if they were natural teeth. In fact, implants trigger new bone growth to fuse them permanently into place and strengthen the teeth around them.


Are you a candidate for Port Melbourne dental implants? Schedule a consultation at PMD Dental Care to find out.