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Best After-Care Tips for Your New Crown

Your brand-new porcelain crown is definitely an investment that you want lasting as long as possible. With the right maintenance you can make sure your dental restoration lasts as long as they’re intended to. Here are some after-care tips you’ll want to follow: Floss regularly We have many patients who are hesitant to floss after getting a new crown for fear of it falling off. The crown is securely kept in place with strong cement so it’s highly unlikely for this to fall off. In order to prevent new areas of decay from forming along the sides, we recommend wrapping … Continue reading

Implants or Bridges: Which is the Best Choice?

Decided to replace your missing tooth but unsure of what steps to take? We have plenty of experience at Port Melbourne Dental when it comes to replacing teeth so we can lay out the options! With regards to permanent, non-removable options, you’re looking at implants or bridges. Which is the best for your particular smile? We’ve outlined the differences below: Design Bridges make use of two crowns placed over the neighboring teeth in order to suspend a false crown between them. Implants, on the other hand, are independent titanium roots placed in the jaw to support a fixed crown. Impact … Continue reading